If you’re like me, you can feel overwhelmed with an abundance of words, opinions, and information about Jesus, but a lack of solitude and silence sitting with Jesus.  As a result, my friend Heather and I have created a set of devotional cards that we pray will be engaging, thought-provoking, and refreshing. adding a mix of modern, handwritten, fun fonts and pops of color. We hope each day’s card invites you into conversation with the Lord that reminds you of His presence, guidance, and love.

The devotional card set is printed on sturdy cardstock (80# cover, for my fellow paper fanatics) with a beautiful, glossy, full color front and matte black and white back. The set is designed so that, if you’d like, you can do one card per day for a month. for the months with 31 days, you’re right on; if you do it in, say, a non-leap-year february, you’ll have a bonus trio ;o)

Each of the 31 cards:

  • has a verse on the front and a scripture reference and prompts – just a couple questions for you to reflect on on the back
  • has plenty of white space on the back for responding to the questions, writing down thoughts, doodling…whatever you like!
  • is approximately 4.2″ x 5.5″ making it a great accompaniment to your quiet time or easy to take with you on-the-go to do on your lunch break, on the bus, at the park watching your kids play…wherever, whenever.

The full set is $20 which includes sales tax and shipping. you can order yours here. OR, if you live in the Twin Cities Pathway bookstore at Christ Presbyterian Church Edina carries them.