Have you ever thought about what down-lookers we are?  Everyday I get stuck looking down.  Down at my to-do list, and at the pairs of feet in line in front of me. Down the city street at traffic holding me up, down at my computer screen, down at the veggies I’m cutting up for dinner, and down at my shoes striking the pavement as I run, dodging ice or slush.

That changed for awhile this week when I had the incredible joy of joining a friend for a play date in Florida.

And in addition to all kinds of play and laughter and good conversation, we took time to look up.  A lot.

We looked up, towards the stars and the sun and the horizon and the magical rhythmic dance of day and night and day again.

We watched the sunset every night and marveled at the shape and color of the clouds and the crazy pelicans above, who in one moment can glide gracefully in formation over the water like the Blue Angels, and in the next minute plop straight down onto the water to catch a fish in the most UNgraceful mini cannonball move. IMG_9214 IMG_9222

As I was watching the sunrise this morning, and thinking how it was nighttime for my friends on the other side of the world, I also thought how this looking up is one of the most important disciplines of my life with God.FullSizeRender-2

Because of this.  Because I can get so very confused and distracted and stressed looking down.  If I don’t look up I can begin to believe that everything really does depend on me.  Like if I don’t do stuff, well…who knows what!?

All the while I’m looking down and doing my stuff and worrying about not getting my stuff done, there is this amazing sovereign creator God who keeps our little blue dot spinning and holds the galaxies in place, and causes the tide to come in and go out again.  Go figure!

If I look up, day or night, and truly take it in, I say “Oh. Yeah. I remember.  Note to self: I’m not in charge.” Because there is a much larger Hand at work.

Whether I mess up today (which I will), or whether I do everything perfectly (which I won’t) God is holding me and you and the stars.  The sun will rise, the sun will set. The stars will show up. The tide will come in, and the will seasons change.  God will continue to be faithful. No matter what.

“Lift up your eyes on high and see who has created these stars (300 BILLION in our galaxy alone!). Behold He calls them all by name (by NAME!). Because of the strength of His might and the glory of His power not one of them  is missing.” (Isaiah 40:26)

When I look up, I’m “right-sized”.  I settle down and settle in to God’s peace, reminded that “God’s in his Heaven. All’s right with the world.”