When God Talks Crazy to You

There’s this homeless guy that I see many days.

He hangs out at the end of the ramp from the main highway near where I live.

He has a backpack and a cardboard sign.

He keeps regular hours.  Basically 9:00-5:00 as best I can tell.  Every day.

You know, like a real job.

This is a little confusing to me. I’ve often thought I should take the time to park and go ask him if he wants help applying for a job at one of the many businesses right near his spot.

I keep McDonald’s gift cards in my car that I give him sometimes when the light is red.

And I talk to him.  I’ve asked his name, but I can’t remember it.  Of course I sometimes forget the names of people I’ve met 12 times, but still, I’m not proud that I can’t remember homeless guy’s name.

Last Sunday I was driving to church with John’s sport coat and a nice black shirt in the car with me.

I got to the intersection and there was homeless guy near the “on” ramp this time.  Holding his sign.

And I sensed what could have been a prompting from God.  A nudge.  A whisper.

Only I decided it was probably just a bad mocha.  Because it was crazy!  It didn’t make sense.

The thought that came was “Give him John’s blazer and shirt.”

Cool.  Sure….What?? Why???  Lord, what in the world could homeless guy do with a blazer and nice shirt?  Wouldn’t that be poor stewardship?

Lord, that wouldn’t be, you know…wise.

So I didn’t.

I decided Laura’s loud logic trumps God’s crazy small voice and I drove right past him.

But as I accelerated onto the highway something bugged me.

Another nudge?

A follow up whisper…

What if I didn’t want you to give away the blazer for him, but for you?

What if I might want to form something in you through an extravagant act of obedience to Me?

What if this was an opportunity to be part of my amazing grace?

Crazy amazing grace.

This has bugged me for the past week.  Maybe it wasn’t homeless guy who missed out, but me instead.

Or maybe it was just bad mocha.

Have you ever ignored a prompting because it seemed crazy?  Or obeyed even when you didn’t understand?


  1. Interesting and yes. It’s easy for us to ignore God’s prompting when we feel we will look dumb or someone won’t get things. But often obeying God does not equal making friends or having people like us more … 🙂

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    • I always think of David dancing before the Lord 2 Samuel 6:21,22 …the courage to look undignified or crazy to worship God even though his wife was embarrassed!?

  2. Laura,
    Wow , how often this has happened to me
    Hearing the voice….. Is that you God?
    God what are you inviting in this situation ??
    Is it an invitation to be with this situation and see if more nudges come..
    Sometimes I wonder if God is encouraging us to listen more deeply to the Spirit that abides w/in.

    • Yes, and you, Sylvia, have a wonderful quiet receptive spirit. I admire the disciplines of silence and solitude I see in your life that make you more attuned to that still small voice!

  3. Laura, I was hoping that at Jeremy and Liz’s wedding I’d have opportunity to greet and personally thank you not only for the influence that you are in Jeremy’s life, but also for the source of encouragement and challenge I find your writings to be. Yes, God’s grace is amazing!

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