I’ve thought a lot about this.

If I ever become an actress (Don’t laugh.  It could happen!), and I have a scene where I have to cry on cue, no sweat.  I’ve got this one covered.  Not because I’m particularly weepy (I’m really not at all, you know).  But because all I’ll have to do is think of “that person.”

You know.  “That person”.

I’m betting you have one too.  The person who won’t forgive you.

Or the one you thought loved you, but then betrayed, or rejected, or ignored, or walked away from you.  Or the one who pronounced a judgment that you’ve let define you.

Or the child you love who is making destructive choices, far from Jesus and you can’t control them or fix it and your heart is breaking.

And all it takes is for you to hear a certain song that brings back memories, or drive by a place where you used to feel welcome, or to accidentally see them.  Or not at all.

If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.  Romans 12:18

You’ve tried the Elmer’s glue of apologies, and prayer, and grace to mend things but they’re still unmoved.  Unresponsive.  They still don’t like you.  Or they don’t like Jesus.  Or they don’t like either of you.

Here’s my advice.  To myself.  And you if you want to try it.  A spiritual practice if you will.

Give up.  Give them up.  Give yourself up.

Hand them over.

Let go.

And breathe.

Breathe in.  “Abba Father.”

Breathe out.  “Do what only You can do…

Heal.  Restore.  Illumine.  Woo.  Correct….”

Give up.  Over and over again.

Who’s “that person” for you?  Who do you need to hand over?

I ran into one of my “that persons” recently after not seeing them for a long time. The encounter brought this post from the past to mind.  I felt stronger.  There was less pain.  But I still had to open my hands and pray this prayer.