Nothing excites me more than the privilege of talking with people on the life of faith!  I teach and preach at our church and mentor young women, but I’m really just beloved riffraff like you, on the journey of faith, stumbling along and trying to figure it out.


I believe that faith shouldn’t be compartmentalized like those little sections on a cafeteria tray, but more like a fruit smoothie all blended.

I try to take God seriously, but myself not so much.  My prayer is that you would walk away from our time together encouraged that HE has a personal word for you.

Sample video:

My training is in education and I have my Masters degree in Theology from Bethel Seminary. I’ve worked as Director of Spiritual Formation with the Upper Room – a next gen church within our church, and have done contract work with the Willow Creek Association in formation.

I want to do everything I can to make your event a success!  It’s an honor that you would consider me.

Possible Topics (* means good for retreat):

How to Add Extra to Your Ordinary

In this talk you will learn:

  • How to love and leverage your limitations
  • How to maximize your resources to further God’s kingdom
  • The 2 things God asks of you each day that will make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary/mundane and meaningful
  • The one choice you have that will change your circumstances from killers to catalysts

Do you See this Woman? (Elizabeth)

In this talk you will learn:

  • What God might want to birth in you
  • How to wait while you’re in labor, pregnant with a dream
  • How God wants you to parent whether you’re a parent or not

Do Not Fear (Mary)

In this talk you will:

  • Discover how to replace fear with joy this Christmas season.
  • Identify who’s narrating your story and why that’s important.
  • Learn the key question that will change your perspective on circumstances.
  • Receive encouragement and space to reflect on Jesus.

To Tell the Truth (Nathan)

In this talk you will:

  • Learn how to value and have crucial conversations
  • Recognize situations when you are David and when you are Nathan
  • Learn how and why failure isn’t fatal

The Word or the Wave

In this talk you will:

  • Discover what has the most power in your life
  • Learn one common misconception about God.
  • Examine 4 things God may use to prompt you to get out of your boat.

Breathe* A retreat around spiritual practices.  Take some time out for you – for guided biblical reflection, for experimenting withdifferent spiritual practices, for silence and soul refreshment.

Hospitality – Whether you think you have this gift or not, we’re all called to offer hospitality – not be Martha Stewarts.  This is a funworkshop that will take the stress out of opening your home and look at unusual ways that hospitality can be expressed.

Discovering your Spiritual Pathway – each of us have a primary way that we connect to God – sense His presence andcommunicate with Him.  Dive into a process of self-examination and experimentation with different ways to deepen your relationship with God.

How to Share your Faith Story*. Each of us have amazing smaller stories that are part of God’s bigger story.  Whether it’s the storyof when you came to recognize Jesus as the forgiver and Lord of your life, or a defining moment when God guided you, or Hischaracter became more real to you, sharing your faith stories will strengthen you and others.

I’d love to hear from you!  If you’re interested in having me speak, please email me at with the information below.  I’m happy to provide speaker bio on request.

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