Soul Food When Everyone is Welcome

When I started doing “Soul Food Friday” I didn’t intend for it to just be focused on what happens around the table, but instead about everything that feeds our souls.

But truly, something very special happens when we show up as we are, and amidst half eaten chili or chicken we celebrate or cry or question.

We gather around a table, and when it’s good it’s messy, and real, and a little island of safety where our stories can be shared and God’s faithfulness recognized.

Everyone is welcome. Nobody’s perfect. Anything can happen.

So, this week….

I loved the story I heard of Mama Cat – a legend in Ferguson, Missouri, who cooked all night when the tensions were at their most high last year. In the morning she set out utensils and said “Come and eat. This table is open to all – black, white, young, old, police, and protesters.”  What a beautiful re-imagining of Jesus’ table.

And then this, amidst the escalating violence in Israel/Palestine…

An amazing story about an Israeli restaurant that will give discounts to Arabs and Jews who eat together.   I love this creative effort to promote peace!


And this about a Jordanian couple who shared their wedding meal with 200 refugees! 


I’ve also been reading a book given to me by my friend Michelle that has some wonderful thoughts in it.


I like this quote:

“Don’t miss the meaning of Jesus stepping down from eternity to eat his oatmeal. HIs choosing to come to the table sets the record straight: Mealtime is sacred. A meal is not a church service, but the table remains an altar. It’s the centerpiece of family life. Mealtime is set apart as an enduring expression of God’s kingdom provision, ‘Give us this day our daily bread.’ Time is God’s good creation, and mealtime is God’s metronome designed to bind our busy lives to the Father.”

And if you’re in the season of raising kids, this is for you:


If you ARE in that season of little kids, maybe you like “breakfast dinners”, a tradition John and I still love even though our kids are out of the house. This week we discovered this which was awesome and so easy-peasy.


So I pray that you gather strangers and loved ones alike around your table and that there is much laughter and glimpses of God’s grace this weekend!


  1. Kaaren Oldfield

    October 23, 2015 at 3:11 PM

    Thank you Laura for another inspiring story. I’m so sorry I missed seeing you at the walk-run last Sat. I signed up with daughter Lauren but at the last minute she couldn’t get there from the city. I came alone, but didn’t stay long and didn’t see you. You and your family are still in my prayers. It must have meant so much to them that you were there. Have a good week. Kaaren

  2. So sweet!

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