Soul Food When all the News Seems Bad

Most mornings John says I’m annoyingly Tigger-like, bounding out of bed excited to seize the day. Many days recently though, I really just want to be more possum than Tigger and burrow into the soft comfiness of down pillows and warm blankets, keeping my eyes closed to the news of bad guys, hard hearts, pictures of desperate refugees fleeing Syria and the lifeless body of a precious little boy on a beach in Turkey.

Instead, today, I want to join people around the world who are choosing life. I want to say, “We see you. You are not alone and we’re going to do our best to help.”

First, what others are doing – where we can see God’s fingerprints – and then what we can do.





World Vision is doing more than any other humanitarian organization on the ground to help Syrian refugees. Take a look at some good news and then donate here as a way of choosing life today.

And lastly, we serve a God who always makes room at the table. You can help by signing this petition to make room for those in need.

This was part of my reading yesterday. Sometimes God is about as subtle as a mack truck, eh? 🙂



  1. Love this post. Thanks for building awareness to the amazing things happening in such a tragic time. Great example of how social media can be used for God!

  2. Oh Laura, this is a powerful prose. How I ache for you as you crawl out of bed some mornings. I have experienced such moments of needing a machine to rev my engine.during times in the mud and mire. That you act on finding ways to turn around the pain is remarkable. God working through your pain. I signed the petition and am so grateful that you shared your research. Thank you Laura

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