Soul Food to Celebrate Life

If you’re a mama or if you’re not, this is a great weekend to celebrate Life in every expression! Here are a few things that were life-giving to me this week.

Our daughter Katy works as liaison between USAID (humanitarian aid) and Capitol Hill. She sent us this video that made us all cry. Powerful stuff!

If that one made you cry, this video will bring a smile. During a season when there’s so much focus on what divides us, this is a reminder of the things that we can celebrate together.

Favorite Instagram. Nuf said.


A beautifully written book I read this week was Purple Hibiscus. This amazing book is written in the voice of a 15-year-old girl living a life of privilege and abuse in Nigeria. It brings to life all the sights and smells of the culture and all the intricacies of family dynamics.


This Sunday is Mother’s Day, but it would also have been my brother David’s birthday.


He had the gift of hospitality, always drawing people together and welcoming them in. He was also the Grillmaster. So in honor of David I’m sharing our favorite turkey rub recipe from one of our friends. We call it Turkey ala Bob. It’s awesome!

1 clove minced garlic ++

1/4 cup brown sugar

1/4 cup coarse sea salt

2 TB minced onion (I use the dried kind)

2 ts. crushed red pepper flakes (I cut this way back cuz we don’t like spicy hot)

2 ts. coarse ground black pepper

1/2 ts. EACH cloves and allspice

Pat turkey with oil. Rub in marinade. Double bag for 2 days.

To grill use a aluminum drip pan and grill for 11-13 minutes a pound. Let it stand for 15 minutes. Read more here.

And lastly…

Happy happy weekend!


  1. Oh Laura. How I love this. It has inspired me. I want to send a package. I want to read the book. I want most of all to SLOW DOWN. I know my days are numbered and each one is so precious. I had one of those days today with Brian and Addie. We got to play with her and walk her to the park to swing. We spent time just crawling on the floor and asking her ‘Where’s Mimi? and Where’s Baba?” Truly a special day. Those Syrian refugees don’t have this. I am so grateful. Thanks for writing and keep doing it.

  2. I also know you must be missing David. So sorry you have lost him on this earth.

  3. Great post Laura! Love that picture of you and your brother! I was actually looking for a turkey rub, so thanks for that, and I am reading Purple Hibiscus next for my book club! Glad you liked it! I’ve also enjoyed Half of a Yellow Sun and Americanah by her, she is a good author.

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