What Halloween and My Husband Taught me About God

Halloween is one of my husband’s favorite days of the year.  I know, odd for a pastor, right?

The PC answer should be Easter, right?  And yes, it IS the most important, but John’s love of Halloween has taught me something about God.

He likes Halloween because it brings him so much joy to welcome kids with enthusiasm, handing out candy and oohing and ahhing over every single costume like they were the one and only.

He looks forward all year to parking his chair by the front door and waiting for kids to come.  Even though he’s terrible at figuring out what the costumes are, he greets each kid as if they were THE most amazing, creative, delightful goblin of the night.


Last night he took it to a new level.  He carried his rocking chair outside and our firepit along with a jack-o-lantern and a big basket of candy.  As I was watching him it struck me how much his posture towards the kids is like God’s towards us, only we usually miss it. Kind of like the dad waiting and watching for the prodigal son to come home.


How many times do we approach God as if the lights were out and the door locked tight?  Like we have to convince Him to care…to show up…to answer us?  Instead, the Bible says He stands at the door.

God’s the father, out watching for His kid to show up.

He’s the party-giver inviting us to a banquet.

He delights in us, sings over us.


The door isn’t locked.  The lights aren’t off. He is an incredibly personal God who delights in His kids who show up.


  1. Laura – your post is very real. You nailed it
    I love the description and picture of John, rocking chair, fire pit and candy – excellent!!!

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