Soul Food for April Showers and Baby Showers

It’s Friday! Hope you guys have a lovely, refreshing weekend and that April showers don’t keep you from a long bike ride or run or walk. Hope you enjoy some of these morsels that have delighted me this week too!

Last weekend John and I had the privilege of preaching together on relationships and baggage. (What could be more fun than unpacking your dirty clothes in front of a couple thousand people, right?)*

Anyway, afterwards we were touched by how many people bravely shared their baggage with us. And a friend sent this song by Francesca Batistelli called If We’re Honest, saying she thought it went perfectly with the message. I love it and I hope you will too.

You know how much I love Instagram! I thought this Instagram post was just so darn adorable…



I just feel better when I’m creating something. Whether it’s baking or writing or sewing, there’s just something in me that exhales and feels good when that tiny remnant of the the imago Dei – our creator – is expressed through me.

There are a lot of createy things I’m NOT good at, so second best is appreciating something of beauty that someone else has created – music, or a lovely table setting, or a garden. My sister-in-law, Susan’s garden is going to be featured in a real, live MAGAZINE!

And this week I got to attend and just enjoy (with none of the work!) a lovely baby shower some young friends gave. (Thanks Meghann, Annalise, and Ally!)


My Grams and my mom are master seamstresses who can look at a picture of a dress in a magazine and recreate it. Me, not so much. But lately, my friend Annalise inspired me to haul out my sewing machine and do some easy projects.

It seems I’m going to a lot of baby showers these days, so it’s a natural to give some of these a go. If you can stitch a straight line you can totally make these “Lovey’s”. I found directions here.


If you DO have to stay inside because it’s raining, here are a couple books I’ve been reading…

The Girl on the Train – this was a great psychological thriller!


Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls – I’ve seen this around a lot and finally picked it up at the library. David Sedaris’ essays are quirky and funny and sometimes emotionally intense and sad.  I alternate between thinking he’s terrific and just a plain weird.


We’re leaving to go on vacation on Monday so I could really use some suggestions of good books from you! What have you read lately that you’e recommend??

*If you’d like to watch the sermon here is the link . Scroll down to the screen that says 11:00 and it starts with a video at 24:15.


  1. Water from the heart by Charles martin
    Tomorrow there will be apricots
    Purple hibiscus

    • Thanks so much Molly!! I’ve read all of Charles Martin’s stuff (LOVE!), but am not familiar with the other two so will check them out!

  2. Enjoy your vacation Laura! As always, love your posts. They often make my day! For a book, I would recommend The Illegal by Lawrence Hill about a marathon runner refugee. It just won Canada Reads! Blessings, Joanne

    • Thanks Joanne! I just put The Hero’s Walk on reserve at the library too because of your blog post! Hope it comes in before I leave.

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