On Friday Soul Food posts I try to share things that have delighted, inspired, or filled me. Hope you enjoy!

Christmas is over, decorations packed away, and kids back in school. The twinkle of the holidays that could distract us from angry politicians, racism, and world conflict is no more. We may be feeling a little let down and we really need some uplifting stories, books to curl up with, and healthy comfort food.

First, I’m honored to have two friends who are in the process of seeing their books launched! Bethany Hoang and Steve Wiens are both deep thinkers, Jesus lovers, and authentic writers.


I love the framework for both of these books. They are similar in that they both draw from the flow of God’s work in the world, recorded through Scripture.

Bethany and her co-author, Kristen Johnson, in The Justice Calling, take the movements of Scripture, from Creation to the New Earth to unpack a theology of justice that isn’t just informative, but also a call to action.

In addition to a thorough look at the theological roots of justice, they connect the dots to create a picture of justice as an important component of spiritual formation for each of us; important because it is near to the heart of God.

Additionally, Bethany draws from her experience at International Justice Mission to focus on how we respond to injustice, sharing stories of passion and persistent prayer resulting in rescues and redemption.

I particularly liked the chapters on Moving Towards Darkness, and Lament.


In Steve’s book, Beginnings, he uses the framework of the 7 days of creation (Light, Expanse, Seeds, Seasons, Monsters, Us, Stop), to draw parallels to our own transitions, and life change.

Steve is a contemplative who has a love for the Hebrew language, the gift of storytelling, and a desire to dig deep into God’s Word. This book is very “Steve” (in the best way possible).  I really liked that there was a suggested “practice” included at the end of each chapter.


In addition to books, this was my favorite uplifting Instagram post this week. If you don’t follow thedailyst check it out.


Lastly, I have some friends who needed a bit of comfort.

One who is going through a rough time. I shared a visual reminder that even as barren and scary as this season may appear, there is hope. God is growing something beautiful out of the rocks. Another friend held out hope like this for me once. Now it’s my turn.

Maybe you know someone who needs this reminder, or maybe YOU just need to start a Paperwhite bulb as a picture promise of spring.


Another friend was sick with one of those horrible winter colds. Know anyone who might need a pot of Chicken Tortellini Soup? It’s easy to throw together in about 15 minutes.

Just sauté in 1/4 cup butter:

1/2 cup chopped onion

1/2 cup chopped celery

chopped carrots

Stir in 1/4 cup flour

Add cooked chicken (I buy rotisserie chicken deboned 🙂 )

4 cups chicken broth

I add about a Tablespoon of Better Than Boullion (chicken flavored)

And then add a small package of cooked three-cheese tortellini.

Bam! Done!

Happy Weekend!