Monday I wrote about “crazy busy” and questions we might ask ourselves.

I’m fortunate.  I happen to be in a season of life where I have plenty of margin and discretionary time because my kids are grown and I don’t have the financial pressures some people have. However, I do see how I need to pay attention to busyness in two areas.

1.  Pace /Presence. Although I’m not over-committed, I’m a “do-er” a “list-maker”, a person with a lot going on, so I recognize I may prioritize tasks over people.  My posture can convey that I’m too busy to be “present”, to just chat, to show up spur of the moment.  I’m a hurrier and I may scurry on to the next task without taking the time I should with each person.  I need to embrace the discipline of slowing my pace sometimes.

2. Patience with Priorities. Although I affirm the importance of others being able to say “no” and disappoint people, I can bristle when it inconveniences…well, ME!  I need to be more supportive of my friends trying to bring some sanity to the chaos of their lives and recognize I’m not always going to be one of their priorities.

Can you relate to this?  Are you tempted to equate busyness with importance?  To prioritize tasks over people?  Or to advocate for boundaries only when they don’t inconvenience you?  Tell me I’m not the only one!