Re-Writing “Mother’s Day”

Mother’s Day is tricky. Can I get an “amen”?!

We all have a mother somewhere, but not every mom is accessible. Not everyone has a relationship with their mom that they feel like celebrating. Not every child is living the life you hoped for them. And not everyone who would like to be a mom IS a mom right now. Someone reading this has lost a child. Another has been adopted.

Mother’s Day is full of land mines, often triggered by the most tentative steps. Sometimes a day meant to be about love is one of longing or loss…of pain, tears, and unmet expectations. I’ve cheered you right up, eh?

I think we maybe we should call for a Mother’s Day re-write.  Let’s call it “Life-givers Day”.

All of us are made in God’s image. We are made to be life-givers. Whether we can give physical birth to another or not, we all have the capacity to give life.

One person I think of in this category was my first boss, the principal of the school where I taught. She struggled for years with infertility, but she was one of the most vibrant life-givers I’ve ever met.  She expected the best. She spoke words of truth and encouragement. She exuded joy and a positive attitude. She coached and invested in others. In me. And I’m so grateful.

This weekend let’s celebrate the life-giver in everyone. Let’s thank God for His image of creator and nurturer reflected in all of us. I want to give kudos to you because

  • You are making others curious about eternal life with Jesus as they see Him in you
  • You are coaching someone to live a better story.
  • You are birthing a business and giving meaningful jobs to others
  • You give life-sustaining resources like water and food – to your neighbor, your local food shelf, your world
  • You are re-parenting someone from a crappy home.
  • You are giving life and encouragement with spoken and written words of affirmation.
  • You are caring for the physical bodies of those who are sick or incapacitated.

Jesus is being formed in you. He is a life-giver so we all can be life-givers, not just mothers.

God is a life-giver. Because we're madeWho is someone not your mother who has been a life-giver for you? 

Who can you be a life-giver to today whether you’re their mom or not?



  1. Amen!

  2. So beautiful and affirming; I love the way you express the love of Christ.
    Wishing you a wonderful Life Givers Day!

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