One Thing I Don’t Want to do to Be Like Jesus

Confession: I reeeeally don’t like discomfort. (shocking, I know)

I don’t like inconvenience, or pain, or sacrifice, or waiting.

Thus, I HATE fasting.

This means that I had a little problem Monday, because part of my devotional reading was from Mark 2 on fasting.

Just the fact that Jesus brought the idea of fasting to my attention again was soooo irritating, and then actually considering it, and rationalizing with all the reasons I shouldn’t do it was…well, really uncomfortable for me.

Like all spiritual disciplines, fasting is just a means to an end – to help us become more like Jesus who is love. When we I think of “love” I like all the GOOD FEELS, and the affirmation that comes from doing kind things – you know…what I get out of it. But practicing sacrifice by fasting in order to get better at loving sacrificially? Uh, no thanks.

Fasting in order to better identify with what Jesus went through to draw me into closer relationship with Him? Gosh, isn’t there another way?

Fasting in order to get rid of extraneous (??) stuff so we can just focus on Jesus all day? Puleeze! The last thing I’m thinking about when I’m hungry is Jesus.

FISH TACOS for Pete’s sake! This is more my speed…

But I’m such a rule-follower that Monday I though OK (heavy sigh), I’ll fast til dinner.

About 11 a.m. I grabbed a handful of Craisins from the fridge trying not to think about what a Losey McLoserson I am, while rationalized that I was doing other sacrificial things so I didn’t really need to fast, and after all, I can do it any time I have to. I just don’t have to right now.

Can you give a sister some help here?

What has your experience been with fasting (or other spiritual practices you don’t like)?


  1. I struggle with fasting because I soon convert it to a diet and start checking the scale for results, which I doubt is what Jesus had in mind. One Lent, I decided to give up being crabby instead of giving up chocolate. I have also fasted from facebook (really hard for me).

    • Oh my gosh, been there too (diet mentality and feeling very unspiritual)! Also, totally agree that fasting from things other than food can be very hard and beneficial too!

      Others have been responding to me directly and I’m trying to get them to post their comments here so everyone can benefit from them!

  2. I’m a Catholic. So, we fast every Lent. When I fast, I remember two things. Jesus fasting in the desert and all the children that are starving each day. Those images remind me how simple my fasting is.

  3. Laura….wow do I relate….I don’t even want to talk about it.
    Anyway I’m focusing on receiving and sharing His Love…think solar/sun!
    That takes ALL my energy right now.

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