Today I had lunch with a dear friend. We sat at a table outside on an upper terrace, eating in the toasty sun. Yes, you read that right. Outside. In MN. In March. Clearly evidence of a benevolent God.

One of the reasons I like my friend is we agree on pretty much everything. Religion, politics, Kim Kardashian… Who doesn’t like spending time with “yes people” who support all your opinions?

But as I was driving home, I thought… one of the many things I admire about my husband is that he actively seeks out “no people”.  He engages and asks questions of people he knows have different opinions or perspectives than he does.  You know…people who see a blue dress when you know it’s white.


Now, don’t get me wrong; John’s no push-over.  He’s grounded in an informed worldview, but he’s also humble enough to know he may have missed considering some things. He knows there is wisdom to be gained in listening to those who disagree with him. I am in awe of how secure he is in Christ in a way that makes him not defensive.

It is hard, but I’m trying to be more open to entering into conversations with folks who differ from me without getting anxious, fearful, or defensive. I try to listen well. And I try to remember to breathe and say to myself “You have nothing to prove and nothing to lose.” 

Maybe think of someone who sees a different color dress and ask them more about what they think today.

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