More than Enough

Monday I wrote about being “enough” and it’s continued to be on my mind this week.  One of the reasons I think people love Thanksgiving is that it’s all about focusing on the “enough” before the holiday season when we’re prone to be stressed about not enough.  Not enough time, sleep, or money, and too much food, noise, and activity.

Maybe one of the reminders we need to carry with us into December is that God is always enough – enough grace for our sin, enough strength for our weakness, enough patience for our striving.

But more than that, maybe we need to be reminded that we are always enough and never too much for God to love.  He’s crazy about us “as is”.  Our picture is in His wallet, our number is on his “favorites” list.  He grieves with us in our despair, and happy dances with us in our joy.

I came across this song that I thought might be encouraging as we head into the weekend.  Enjoy!

Where are you tempted to think you’re not enough?



  1. Oh yes… Feeling ‘not enough’ as a wife,mother, homemaker and friend at the moment… Funny thing is, I know I’m enough for the Lord.. so why worry so much?! Praise Him who gives me strength and allows me to rest in His love. Reminded this morning that I need to give those feelings to Jesus..It’s ok to have the feelings and be real in them, but, to let go of them and move forward stronger.. Because as Mathew West sings, “I can do all things through God who gives me strength;I don’t have to be strong enough!” Thanks Laura for the nudge 🙂

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