Joy to the World

Daughter Katy in D.C. sent me this the other day and by the end I was grinning ear to ear and wanted to cheer along with the crowd.

I know it’s Fearless Friday and this doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Fear except that it’s a fantastic uplifting reminder that there is still delight and good and “Joy to the world” because the Savior has come.

This happened at the Air and Space Museum and is the Air Force Band.  Who says nothing good comes out of Washington?  Enjoy!

I’ve always wanted to be in a flash mob!  If you’re planning one, count me in, but until then, this made me think of other ways I might brighten someone’s life today.  What can you think of?



  1. Laura – lets do it. CPC flash mob – 9:30 am service on Sunday. Right in the middle. Scare some people.

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