About ten years ago I fell and I couldn’t get up.

Unlike like our friend from the video Monday who eventually managed, I was helpless on my own. Upside down.

I was “turtled” (see video below). Exposed. Vulnerable.  Not a pretty sight, and certainly not in line with the “always pulled-together on top of things” image management that I strove for.

I thrashed against the pain and injustice.  I frantically flailed my legs and arms.  I cried a lot in frustration and anger.  I was getting nowhere.

But I had a team of “push-overs” and “under-duckers”.

They believed for me when I couldn’t.

They prayed me in when I was all prayed out.

They kept showing up when I was down.

They reminded me of who I was when I forgot.

They painted pictures of a meaningful future when I could only see the ugly lines that were “not good enough”.

They under-ducked me back onto my feet.

Is there someone who needs that from you today?