Flying Bass and Important Stuff

Bob Goff tells the story of speaking at a men’s event where, in advance, he bought a 7 ft. inflatable, remote controlled “flying bass”. He had a boy release the flying bass above the audience in the middle of his talk. Of course everyone kept curiously looking up at the fish hovering over their heads like a drone.  It’s hard to pay attention to the speaker with a flying bass present. His point was that our problem is that we’re keeping one eye on Jesus and one eye on the bass in the room. We’re distracted.  We have so many “flying bass” that distract us from the kingdom of God – from the eternal Words of Life that have the potential to change our days.

I mentioned recently, that I have been using a YouVersion plan for reading through the Bible in a year – an attempt to keep my eyes off the “flying bass” and on the important stuff.  This morning my reading included Moses’ blessing of the Twelve Tribes of Israel before he died. His blessing of the tribe of Benjamin was a great reminder of what we should not be distracted from. It is  a gift for all of us and such beautiful encouragement that I wanted to pass it along.

“God’s beloved;God’s permanent

Wow, I love this! As people adopted into God’s family through Jesus, this blessing, this promise is for us too.

As I read these words, I have to ask myself, do I live like this is true?

Do I live with the confidence and peace of a beloved child within whom God dwells?

Do I live with the grateful awareness of being encircled by God all day long?

Have I thanked Him?

May we all focus on the amazing truths of this verse and not be distracted by “flying bass” today!




  1. Loved this post today! Perfect timing as we have birth to our second child last night- and named him Benjamin!

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