I sat across from a young woman at Turtle Bread where I often meet with people I’m mentoring.  It’s a vibrant little neighborhood place with a retro black and white tile floor and vintage distressed tables. It makes me feel hip, like I’m in a French café but in the middle Minneapolis. Such illusions. 🙂

turtle bread

I hesitate to use the word “mentoring” because it sounds so official and important and I am so definitely NOT. (seriously.) However, I’m blessed to be friends with some young women who I meet with one on one in what they refer to as a “mentoring” relationship.  Because people ask me about these relationships often, I thought I’d write a bit about them.

Finding a mentor is a little like finding a date on Match.com.  You have ideas of what you want, but you’re also grateful if anyone says “yes” at all.  If you want some suggestions on finding a mentor, check this out.

Being a mentor is a little like jumping out of an airplane – you’re scared, but willing to take the leap. You feel out of control and completely dependent on the pro you’re harnessed to. That is, you’re acutely aware of dependence on God. If you want more on being  a mentor, check this out.

Any day I drive to meet with my younger friends I have this conversation with God:

Me: God, I’ve got nothing! No perfect nuggets of wisdom, no silver life bullets, no black and white answers.

God: Just show up with me. I’ve got your back.

I pray for those I mentor. I ask a lot of questions.  I text them if a verse comes to mind or write a note of encouragement.

But mostly I try to listen to God and listen to them.

That’s the only key I know to mentoring.

Listen to God. Listen to the other.

Oh, and remind them that they’re doing fine. They are enough because God is enough.

What has your experience been with being or finding a mentor?