Fearless Fridays

Last week, with fear and trembling, I shared my One Word for 2013 – Fearless.

Ironic, I know.  But there are so many important, relevant, good words!  What if I got it wrong?  I really prayed about strong, brave, secure, equipped, enough… What if it feels to God like I’ve thrown down the gauntlet (where did that phrase come from?) and says “It’s on!” leading me into situations to stretch me uncomfortably?  What if this year just shows how fearless I’m not?

And then I remembered the two words fear always asks: “What if…” And I said “So what.”


I hope you’ll enter into this year-long adventure too.

I’ve loved hearing from you through email, text, and FB and I hope more of you will share your words here.  Some of your OneWords I’ve heard so far are Margin, Relinquish, Trust, Live, Content, Enjoy

So here’s what I’m thinking…We’re going to rename “Spirit Stretch Fridays” (You may not have even known that was a thing.  I’ve kind of dropped the ball).

From now on it’s gonna be Fearless Fridays.  I’ll be posting on different aspects of Fear because I think it’s a pretty universal challenge and is related to so many other challenges.  AND, I’m going to be asking some of you to send me guest posts about your experiences with your One Word.

Here’s my thought for the day around “Fearless”.

“Courage isn’t the absence of fear, it’s just deciding that fear isn’t calling the shots anymore” Bob Goff

Soooo…here we go!

Have a great Friday and consider sharing your word here if you haven’t!


  1. Enjoying these posts related to the New Year, reflection and preparation. We are using both parts in our Bible Study group and are excited to see what God reveals!

    • Oh Chris – Love to see you pop up here and I love thinking of you being part of our community halfway around the world. I’m praying for you! We’re sending off another group to Israel/Palestine and I was encouraging them to come see you and the work you’re doing. Blessings on your day!

      • Thanks so much!! We shared our one words last night – such a range of words and amazing how God has confirmed them too – from resistance to clarity, self-care, to relationship and ascent – now we just need to live those words!!

  2. My one word for 2013 is Patience.

  3. I think it was on a Christian radio station I heard a quote that went something like, Courage is fear that’s been wrapped in prayer. It reminds me that I can’t be fearless without God’s help.

  4. I love the idea of a weekly post on your one word! That level of accountability really is a fearless thing to strive for! My word is pursue. A lot of courage and fearlessness imbedded in that one for me. Here’s to a great year!

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