The other morning I was up early, before husband John (as usual), but no worries.  Did I wake him?  No, that would be sooooo inconsiderate!  Instead I left him a note in the bathroom.  It read something like this:

Sweet Baboo (NOTE: I did not say “baboon”),

I woke up remembering…

And could you please…

And while you’re at it…

And don’t forget to buy….


your adoring, romantic, AWAKE wife

Upon reflection, I write a lot of these notes which reinforce the business of marriage much more than the delight.  I’m trying to turn over a new leaf.  So these were my notes this morning:


But it’s not just about marriage.  This is the happy sign I found in the mail bin at the post office:

photo-119 photo-120

And this delightful note that reminded me of God’s good gifts (and to celebrate…with ice cream!)



This glimpse of hope in a conflict zone.IMG_3531And this reminder…

189925309255003690_DOs4qP1w_cHow can we weave unexpected delight and surprises into the daily to do’s? 

What notes can you write today that celebrate life and the love story God has given us?

Put one suggestion or a life giving reminder you’ve received in the comments today!