Ever had the experience of writing a text and having the auto-correct communicate something you definitely did NOT mean?

Yep, me too.

It can be downright dangerous.

I love the Ellen Degeneres segment titled Clumsy Thumbsy.  Viewers send in their funniest auto-corrected texts and she shares them with the world.  Here are a couple of my favorites…

In our family we have an acronym that the phone just doesn’t understand.


I don’t know how this started, but our daughters started signing their notes, TOGD.

The Only Good Daughter

Each of them are sure THEY have the title in our hearts.  And we rejoice that they feel secure enough to joke like this.

If one of them does something wonderful or serves us in some way, we’ll teasingly say, “Ah yes…We know, we know, you’re TOGD!”

When anyone in our family have texted this, the phone has constantly auto-corrected to “DOGS” or “RUGS”, but the other day, I was astonished.

Because I must have texted it enough times, it anticipated what I was going to write and guessed TOGD.

It made me think of how we “auto-correct” in our minds in destructive ways.

Someone says to me, “That dress looks great on you.”  I “auto-correct” to “My arms are the size of Montana!”  (I know, I know… feminine example.  Is auto-correct an issue for guys or not?)

When do you tend to auto-correct?

God calls you “My beloved child.”

Do you auto-correct?  Maybe to “Never good enough“. or “Not as good as…”

What if today when God says MBC, you actually anticipate MBC, are grateful, surrender to His love and text back “Yes!  Fully Yours.”?

What are some examples of things God says that you tend to “auto-correct”?  What truths are hard for you to accept?


  1. Lori Wildenberg

    August 1, 2012 at 1:22 PM

    Yes I do this! My filters totally mistranslate many comments. Good to be aware if this. And the Clumsy Thumbsy segment is a personal Fave!

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