So this was my update the other day on Instagram.


Since then another bough has fallen down and it’s still too cold to get out and fix. I didn’t mention it, but our tree looks like a hot mess this year (if that’s even possible), and there’s a big snowstorm coming in tonight – the night of our staff party.

Can we all make a pact and say “Let’s laugh and roll with it!”?

So today on the blog, just a little joy and help to make this week easier…

First, the easiest appetizer that is the one everyone always asks for – Cheesy Crab Bites. You can make these wayyyy ahead and have them in your freezer ready for whenever (New Year’s Eve?)



  • 7 oz. of crab
  • 1 stick of butter
  • small jar Kraft Old English cheese
  • 2 TB Hellmans
  • 1/2 ts. Lawrys seasoned salt (I’ve also used garlic powder or garlic salt – you can play with amounts)

I soften the butter and cheese in the micro-wave for about 20 secs then mix everything together and spread on English Muffin Bread. Freeze for about 15 minute and then cut into squares. Freeze til ready to use (can store in freezer bag)

Bake at 350 on baking sheet for about 15 minutes or til as done as you like. I’d do these in small batches cuz they’er best right out of the oven.


Secondly, I came across a brilliant idea this week that I thought I’d pass along – use a lint roller to get up all those stray pine needles that drive you crazy! I think there’s a bigger version of lint roller I’m going to look for, but this works!

img_1888 img_1898

And a little joy for your day…John and I rang bells for the Salvation army this week. We looked nothing like this.

And lastly, when Katy was little, one day she took me by the hand and led me over to the manger scene under the Christmas tree. She sat down and pulled me down next to her. “Sit. Stay. Watch.” she said. This week, I hope you’ll take time to just sit and watch. Look at Jesus, look at your Christmas lights.