5 Ways to “Ruin” Your Pinterest Party

Last weekend I hosted a little baby shower brunch for one of my close friends and our small group.

My friend is very special so I wanted our celebration to be special. You know, to have those extra meaningful touches that make people feel cared for.

I love baking. I love creating. And I love gathering people in our home around the table. I say this because this kind of thing is not stressful for me. It’s life-giving. It’s just the way God wired me. But it may not be for you. What I’m saying is, that doesn’t matter as far as this post is concerned. Keep reading.

Whether hospitality is your jam or not, “stuff” happens. If you look at the pictures of my little shower you may ooh and aah, but that is not the whole story.



Here are 5 ways to “ruin” your Pinterest Party:

1.  RAIN. I had been watching the forecast and there was ZERO PERCENT chance of rain on EVERY app and newscast, so I planned the shower to be outside. I was excited about stringing decorations between trees and having different stations, and because I had nothing to do with the landscaping of our yard, I can say without pride that it’s a pretty delightful spot to gather folks.

Saturday morning, while every app still read ZERO PERCENT chance of rain, it started raining and didn’t stop. So, I adapted with Plan B, moving inside, disappointed that it wasn’t going to be the “perfect” environment I envisioned. WhatEVER….

2. MISSING ITEMS. I realized at the last minute that I didn’t have any creamer for coffee and texted a friend to bring some from her fridge. I wanted “fancy” water and had it ready with orange slices, but discovered it still in the fridge after the party.


3. LEFTOVERS. Who does a Pinterest-worthy party with left-overs, right? Well, I had made some cinnamon rhubarb muffins to take to new neighbors and had a bunch left over so I just threw them in the freezer and got them out for the brunch. Were they as good as fresh out of the oven? Nope! Did it free up some time for me so I was more “present” when folks arrived? Yes.


4. LAST MINUTE IDEAS. I’m a planner. My family says I need a plan just to go to the bathroom. It makes me feel in control. But one of the things I’ve learned about successful hospitality is that it is all about lack of control and flexibility. You can spend tons of time crafting a great experience, but then three people cancel at the last minute, or someone brings their baby who’s cranky. or another shows up who forgot to tell you they are gluten free.

Thinking ahead is good, but last-minute stuff can be just as valuable. Saturday morning I had a little extra time and came up with two spur-of-the-moment ideas – an embellishment for the canning jar glasses, and a name/blessing activity. I didn’t feel pressure because they were just a bonus.



5. SHORTAGES AND MAKING DO. I didn’t have enough toothpick pinwheel dealys leftover from another party. I also cobbled together different colored straws I had leftover.  I didn’t have quite enough ribbon to make my last minute canning jar decoration perfect, and one of my ribbons fell off mid party. I didn’t have the right ribbon for my cake stand so I scrounged some from a bakery box that just happened to say YUM! :). My go-to words?  Scrounge and Hodgepodge. Bottom line? Inexpensive and FAR from “perfect”.


Here’s the thing…NONE OF THIS MATTERS AT ALL . If you smile and open your heart to whoever walks into your home, it will be a win.

We laughed til we cried, we held hands, we prayed, we celebrated, we blessed. I think my friends felt loved and cared for. It was a kingdom win, but not a Pinterest win. 

What’s your experience with trying to throw the “perfect” party?




  1. I’ll never forget the first party I threw was my 5th grade b day party. (Yes, I not only planned it but I paid for 90% of it too) I knew then that I LOVED throwing parties. The problem was I had a budget, which meant I had to cut the guest list. And at the age of 12 that is a catastrophe. I am sure I hurt some “friends” feelings..which is NEVER my intention. ..like ever. It broke my heart. But, the party was so fun..The talk of 5th grade and a memory I’m both proud of and a little sad about all at the same time. Well, that little life lesson prepped me for my wedding guest list 15 years later ; -) And jumped started the joy I get from party planning! Cheers to you Laura for being a creative, kind,thoughtful and joyful hostess!!!

    • You have the gift of hospitality out the wazoo Theresa! Your joyful smile and “THERE you are!” countenance exudes welcome!

  2. Laura, you are simply amazing – a blessing in so many ways. Thanks for sharing your creativity, with candor, with photos, with joy. I also enjoyed the story by Theresa. J’suis bouleversée.

    • What a gift to have your kind words greet me first thing this morning! Thank you Jodi! (I had to look up bouleversee. My high school French failed me :))

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