Hey Friends!

How many of you are feeling like you need a nap after all the busyness of December? Maybe you agree with the quote I read recently that said “January is like the Monday of months.”

Regardless of how you’re feeling, I’m so grateful you are showing up here! I pray you will find encouragement and joy in this community!

You may be reading this in flip-flops from an area of the world that is balmy right now and I’m sooooo happy for you (eye roll), but for most of us (especially those of us in MN who have seventy billion more months of winter before we see color again) I thought we could bond around some winter warm-up prompts. Wherever you are, join in! 

In the comments below, tell us where you’re from and if you want, what word describes how you’re feeling about January. (I think my word would be “resigned” – It’s hard getting back to work and routine!)

Then… I’d love to see your experiences! I’m posting on Instagram with #winterwarmup and #bettertogether Join me there?  Or on my Facebook Page ?  You don’t need to go in order if you don’t want to!

Join in the fun! 10 Day Winter Warm-up Challenge!

  1. Text friends or family what you’re grateful for today “We must always, always be on the lookout for wonder.” E.B. White
  2. Throwback Thursday – reminisce about a vacation or experience in a warm place! Post a picture and dream about a trip in the future.
  3. Buy some springy flowers as a contrast to the white and gray of winter!
  4. Put on a soundtrack or playlist (like The Greatest Showman) and dance around the house to warm up.
  5. Treat yourself to something warm and snuggly.
  6. Make a fire and curl up with a good book (Share your book suggestions!)
  7. Make a pot of soup and take it to a new mama or friend who could use a break.
  8. Get outside and do a winter sport – cross-country skiing, paddleball, broomball, ice-skating, build a snowman! OR…If you don’t live where it’s cold, curl up and enjoy the snow vicariously by watching a movie like “7 Brides for 7 Brothers”, or “Vertical Limit”, or “Everest”
  9. Put together care bags for homeless folks
  10. Make hot chocolate and give it to someone who works outdoors in the cold. Many of you have thermal mugs that have been given as promotions that you can give away. OR if you live someplace warm, maybe it’s ice tea or a water bottle!

Alternate Choices:

  • Pull out a craft project you’ve been meaning to do and DO IT!
  • Write a note (on REAL paper) to an old friend reminding them of a fun memory.
  • Have an “It’s Chilly Outside so It’s Chili Inside” party – make chili and have friends bring toppings.